• Black Box teater
  • Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival
  • 10–19 March 2022
  • 10 days of Live Art experiences
  • Findlay//Sandsmark
  • Morning object meditation: Workshop
  • Saturday 19, 11.00–12.30

During the development of the performance every night in my dream (early Cameroon), Findlay//Sandsmark involved local communities to share some aspects of research and inspiration in an open studio format. 

During the festival they invite the audience to join them in a meditation practice they have kept up as part of the process –
a practice that includes participating in sculpting landscape objects, using clay. The process of sharing lasts approximately one hour.

The workshop is open for all, and children (12+) are very welcome to join together with their adults! We will serve coffee and baked goods before the meditation.

Black Box teater, foyer and Store scene
No registration required.
In English