• Black Box teater
  • Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival
  • 10–19 March 2022
  • 10 days of Live Art experiences
  • Daniela Bershan
  • Wednesday 16, 19.00–22.30
  • Thursday 17, 18.00–21.30

“We can write Atlantic on the Ocean, 
it only says so much about what is really there…”
– From a love letter received in 2013

You are invited to occupy one of the beds placed around the OCEANS 360-degree layout. Three guides move to the sounds and rhythms of the breath while a live soundtrack slowly transforms from the intimate to the vast. OCEANS honors well-known acts of reproductive work and the sacred feminine.

Feminine energy and intelligence have been systematically suppressed for thousands of years. One of the patriarchy’s most important tools for oppression is the mystification and control of the feminine. When the feminine is oppressed, we also suppress something that is fundamental to human existence, and separation and division take over.

OCEANS seeks to overcome this division and rather practice connections. OCEANS is a collective, experimental and spiritual moment – it investigates concrete relations to the material beyond the human and explores the tangible value of reproducing our lives sustainably. 

Daniela Bershan a.k.a. Baba Electronica is an artist, DJ and researcher, and works with everything from sculpture and performance to community planning and sound. Her work examines the ecological, historical, emotional and political dimensions of reproductive work.

Black Box teater, Store scene
Norwegian premiere
Duration: 3,5 hours
  • By: Daniela Bershan icw Aubrey Birch, Sara Leghissa, Sabrina Seifried.
  • Guided and performed by: Daniela Bershan, Aubrey Birch, Sara Leghissa.
  • Costumes: Sabrina Seifried.
  • Live Sound: Daniela Bershan.
  • Set and Objects: Daniela Bershan.
  • Energy Coaching: Fi James.
  • Video Trailer: Christopher Daley.
  • Executive Production: GROUNDWERK and Performing Arts Forum.
  • Co-production:  MDT (Stockholm), Goethe Institute (Stockholm), Kunstencentrum Buda (Kortrijk), Centre-Pompidou Kanal (Brussel).